We borrowed our name from Delphi, an oracle dedicated to Apollo God of Light, where Pythia used to give her famous predictions according to Greek history and mythology. It is a place of utmost importance for our country. Our kennel is located in Thessaloniki, northern Greece in the territory of Macedonia. We are committed to protect and highlight the superiority of it through our work. Here at Delphicum Oraculum the primary goal in our breeding plans is the proper selection of the dogs that will mate. All our breedings are carefully selected from dogs that are healthy, followed by correct breed type, good character and beauty. All our puppies are born inside our home and not in cages, without receiving visits from third persons the first month of their life. They learn and get used since the earliest days of their lives noises of a house and the movements of people within this. They grow up in a place with lot of love and care, we spend time with them, and so they get used to human touch and affection and develop a good character. When they reach the appropriate age and is safe to leave the house, they spend part of the day playing in the yard with our dog gang, so they learn to live with other dogs. They get familiar with other dogs and with cats. We feed all of our dogs with super premium dog food but we also believe that variety is good, which means that we cook for our dogs and sometimes we feed them B.A.R.F or more simple raw feeding. We are at your disposal for anything you need, ask us everything you want even if you are not sure what you need or what type of breed you want. We can give you advice for any breed and any disease with the help of our veterinarian, even if you have not bought puppy from us. Dogs are our passion. We’ve decided to start our kennel with this unique breed "Tibetan Mastiff", because we fell in love with amazing gentle dog. As they say "Once a TM, always a TM" ...

Dimitris Sarafidis & Kostas Kazolias

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